Welcome to the JavaGit project.

JavaGit is a Java API that provides access to git repositories. Our goal is to provide a library with an easy-to-use API that is intuitive for developers new to git and developers who are veteran git users.

If you are in need of a Java library to help access git repositories, please take a look at our documentation and FAQ. We appreicate feedback; if you have something to ask, have a feature that is critical to your application, or want to help out, please drop us a line on the appropriate email list or post a request to the bug, feature or patch tracker.

Get the Code

  • svn checkout https://subversive.cims.nyu.edu/osp/javagit/trunk/


We have tested JavaGit on the following environments:

  • Windows XP/Vista with git through msysgit or Cygwin
  • OS X with git version 1.5.5+
  • Linux with git version 1.5.5+

Our License

JavaGit is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1.

Who Uses JavaGit?

  • Gitclipse - An Eclipse plugin providing git support
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